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07/24/23- Vacancy Announcement for Supervisor of Officials Licensing (Regular, Part-time)

July 24, 2023 2023-2024 News Releases


The KHSAA, a private, non-profit entity designated by the Kentucky Board of Education to manage high school sports and sport-activities in the Commonwealth, has an immediate need to fill the part-time position of Supervisor of Officials Licensing. This opening is being created to facilitate enhanced work and focus on the need to recruit and train the next generation of officials to help ensure as the current licensees move on or retire, games are not canceled for the student-athletes.

This opening will be filled as soon as possible and is a regular, part-time position with a work week of less than 25 hours per week with duties solely focused on this area. This position does not offer regular remote work options due to the nature of the business and operational needs.

The KHSAA operates regular business hours at its offices in Lexington from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and this position will normally operate within that schedule. Current employees at the KHSAA operate on a memorandum of agreement with employment benefits administered by the Kentucky Educational Development Cooperative (KEDC), based in Ashland. The applicant must meet all laws and requirements of the Kentucky Retirement Systems and this position is not subject to any emergency provisions within those requirements.

The position is a support position and reports directly to the Commissioner and the Associate Commissioner. Duties may include:

  • Serve as the first-line liaison between the Association and the dozens of Assigning Secretaries throughout the state;
  • Serve as the first-line liaison between the Association and the chairpersons of the fourteen (14) regional policy boards;
  • Be familiar with, and assist with compliance around the policies of the Officials Division as adopted by the Board of Control through the Commissioner’s office;
  • Serve as the daily liaison for the implementation of officials licensing through the KHSAA official platform (currently ArbiterSports);
  • Coordinate the distribution of Rules Books (and Case Books where applicable) to the licensed officials;
  • Coordinate communication between officials, schools and assigners around the disqualification reports received by the office, including Board approved sanctions for those with multiple disqualifications.
  • Work with the primary sports contact in the licensed sports to coordinate the assignment of postseason officials through the official platform in Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Football, Lacrosse (beginning 2025), Soccer, Softball, Track & Field, Volleyball, and Wrestling;
  • As requested by the primary sports contact, attend state championship play and assist with all duties related to the assignment of contest officials;
  • Receive and respond to questions and concerns from officials, officials’ associations, and member school athletic administrators related to officials’ licensing;
  • Work with the various Assigning Secretaries to coordinate standardization of the  mechanics of compensation for Assigning Secretaries and with General Counsel to monitor adherence to the signed contracts for those individuals;
  • Work with the various assigning secretaries to ensure the monitoring of requirements such as compliance with the Federal Court order on allowed scratches of officials as well as the use of the evaluation system through the officials’ licensing provider;
  • Work with the primary sports contact in the licensed sports to ensure the delivery of the annual sports rules clinics in those sports, including any specific sections related to all sports officials;
  • Work with the primary sports contacts in all sports to ensure the identification of appropriate outside rules interpreters in those sports deemed necessary on an annual basis;
  • Represent the KHSAA at various officiating-related functions, including local association meetings and potential NFHS functions, as requested;
  • Work with the primary sport contact in the licensed sports to communicate with the NFHS to obtain rules interpretations, technical support and educational material, and NFHS exam information;
  • Ensure published information on the KHSAA website related to officials is current and accurate;
  • Coordinate with the other members of the Executive Staff an annual schedule of rules interpretation clinics as well as timelines for timely licensing in all sports;
  • Identify and serve as the first liaison with officials’ vendors for the website referral program;
  • Work with the Office Manager to properly plan and administer the annual rules publication order to minimize duplication or excess;
  • Ensure regular and routine communication with Assigning Secretaries regarding rules interpretations as well as communication with licensed officials using the platform of the officials licensing provider;
  • Develop programs and distribute materials designed to assist KHSAA-licensed officials to maintain and improve their officiating knowledge and mechanics and assist prospective officials to become competent KHSAA-licensed officials;
  • Work with the Commissioner and Associate Commissioner as the day-to-day liaison with RefReps ( and other programs that can be integrated into the school curriculum to recruit; train and retain officials;
  • Advise the Commissioner and Associate Commissioner of any issues related to officiating that may rise to the level of potential Commissioner, Executive Staff, or Board of Control action;
  • Report regularly to the Board of Control on the status of officials’ licensing and issues around such; and
  • Performs other tasks and assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Commissioner and Associate Commissioner.
  • The successful candidate for this position shall:
    • Be a motivated self-starter and highly organized with a demonstrated work ethic;
    • Personify a customer-friendly attitude, both inside and outside the office;
    • Be able to meet strict deadlines;
    • Be compliant with office hours on the agreed schedule with the Commissioner and Associate Commissioner, and other office administrative policies;
    • Have a strong knowledge of ever-evolving technology;
  • The successful candidate for this position should:
    • Have word and data processing skills to include the use of Microsoft Office Suite and the Google Suite of applications (the Association reserves the right to request a test of specific technical skills essential to the job(s) including review and design of presentations among other technical assessments);
    • Be flexible for potential work on a varying schedule which could include KHSAA championship events;
    • Have knowledge of filing or electronic records management systems;
    • Have a minimum of ten years of full-time work experience in the field of interscholastic athletics administration or the equivalent in experience as a KHSAA licensed contest official or assigning secretary;
    • Possess strong written and oral communication skills;
    • Have a strong baseline knowledge of high school sports;
    • Have a proven track record of conflict resolution in the athletic area;
    • Have a proven history of managing multiple simultaneous tasks;
    • Have a proven ability to work as part of a team and to establish and maintain harmonious and effective working relationships with diverse groups.
  • Preference in selection will be given to:
    • Candidates with a college graduate (or equivalent)

This position is part-time and not eligible for benefits normally commensurate with full-time employment. Any benefit must operate under the regulations of the Kentucky Retirement Systems for those previously employed in that position. The compensation is competitive within the education market and within an established budget through the Commissioner as part of the annual review process with the Board of Control. Moving expenses are not available for this position. 

Interested applicants should complete the online application at, including the submission of a resume and cover documents. Submission deadline: Close of Business, August 11, 2023, however, screening and potential interviews could begin prior to that date given the urgency of the hire. This position may be revised or the search period extended based on applications received.

Submissions may not be made in person or via email but must use the prescribed form. Informational inquiries (but not application submissions) may be made by contacting Office Manager Kara Howard at

The KHSAA is an equal opportunity employer with the hiring of all positions based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. The KHSAA does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. 


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