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08/15/23- Roster/Schedule/Score/Photo, Etc. Reminder for Fall Sports

August 15, 2023 Athletic Department Blog Updates


With fall sports back in full swing, this is a reminder to all coaches and athletic administrators concerning your varsity team schedules, scores, statistics and team photos in the team sports of Field Hockey, Football, Soccer and Volleyball, as well as your rosters (in all sports at all levels).


  • Students may not participate in interscholastic competitions (including scrimmages and contests) without a valid roster online. The KHSAA system for roster and schedule entry is the only system that meets KHSAA rules and requirements in all sports.
  • Athletic Directors (and coaches if your AD has assigned you those rights):
  • Please enter your full roster (including freshman, junior varsity and varsity) in the KHSAA School Subdomain. Rosters are required to be submitted to the KHSAA (no other third-party roster system is accepted) prior to any scrimmage or contest.
  • To enter your rosters (if you have those rights assigned by your school), log into the KHSAA School Subdomain and look for a gray box on your left labeled Maintain/View/Print Rosters. Click on that and select Maintain Specific Team Rosters. From there, select the appropriate sport to edit.
  • To assign a player to the roster, click on the “Assign/Unassign” Players button.  At this point, the school’s overall athletic roster (across all sports) will appear.  From this Assign Athletes to Rosters screen, place a check in the Level column (V/JV/F) next to the athlete that you want to add to the roster.  You can build all three roster levels at one time.
  • To edit a player’s sport-specific information, click on their name. Enter the required information (height, jersey numbers, positions) on the pop-up menu.


  • For team sports, you must also verify your completed varsity schedule and upload your team photo. All of these actions can be done by designated users on the KHSAA School Subdomain. Check with your AD to see if you have the access rights to enter/edit accordingly.
  • To verify your varsity schedules, log into the KHSAA School Subdomain and select Schedule And Statistics Entry, then Enter/Edit Varsity Team Schedules, followed by the appropriate sport. When adding a new game, be sure to include the opponent, site, regular-season tournament/bowl (if applicable), date, and time.


  • Following the conclusion of each contest throughout the season, it is the responsibility of the competing schools to upload the final score and team statistics to the KHSAA/Riherds Scoreboard. 
  • Links to enter scores will be emailed to coaches and administrators on the day of each competition. 
  • If there is an alteration to the scheduled game, it is also necessary to update the system, or the Scoreboard will begin the notification process for a missing game. This may alter RPI and statistical leaders eligibility.


  • To upload stat reports, log in to the KHSAA School Subdomain and select Schedule And Statistics Entry, then Enter/Edit Varsity Team Statistics.
  • Select the appropriate sport, followed by the appropriate game on your schedule.


  • To upload your team photo, log into the KHSAA School Subdomain and look for a gray box on your left labeled Team Picture Upload/View. Click on that and select Upload Varsity Team Picture. From there, select the appropriate sport from the dropdown menu and select your picture file.
  • Please include a text caption of those pictured left to right, front to back before a final review and upload. Photo uploads may not exceed 10 MB. Please upload original files of horizontal photos (rather than screenshots or graphic designs).


  • For all inquiries about the KHSAA/Riherds Scoreboard, including schedules, rosters, stats and photos, please email 

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