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9/14/12 – Reminder Volleyball Match Scoring Options

September 14, 2012 Volleyball Blog Updates


It has been reported to the office that there is some level of confusion and/or possible miscommunication among coaches and administrators regarding volleyball match length. For that reason, I think it is worth reiterating a few things about volleyball matches and scoring.

Though the NFHS playing rules call for volleyball matches to be best 3 of 5 sets to 25 (with the 5th game to 15), which is the format to be used in postseason play, the Board of Control approved provisions that would allow for schools, by mutual agreement, to continue playing 2 of 3 sets to 25 during the regular season.

In addition, the Board of Control approved MANDATORY warm-up time parameters (shortening previous practices with regard to warm-up) and required formats for non-varsity matches.  All of these changes were designed to constrain the overall match time, particularly if schools played the NFHS 3 of 5 scoring and a triple header was scheduled.

Some of the issues we have heard with regard to volleyball this year could easily be addressed locally with planning/scheduling such as:

1) Option of 2 of 3 for matches in the regular season; option of 2 of 3 matches during the week;

2) Being cognizant of tripleheaders scheduling and start times/travel distances;

3) Consider travel distance during the week – schedule like you would for  basketball, softball, baseball games;

4) Freshmen teams not travelling long distances and playing locally while playing double headers (Junior Varsity and Varsity).

The full parameters that were posted on the blog and sent to Principals, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Assigners last May and detailed in the coach’s online rules clinic this fall remain on the volleyball blog. That blog post is located at



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