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02/21/21- District and Region Basketball Scheduling of Games

February 24, 2021 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As we continually review public health data, consult with the Department for Public Health, and refer to our own “Healthy at Sports” guidance document, a standard minimum time between the start of contests at the district and regional postseason events has again been established as was the case in the fall. These minimum times and spacing guidelines will also be utilized in planning KHSAA State Championship Events, likely to an even greater extent.

Per the KHSAA’s “Healthy at Sports” guidance document, in events where more than two schools are involved, it is required for there to be time between contests for egress of fans and participants, sanitization of equipment and restrooms, and ingress of the teams for the next game. In considering this requirement, a realistic standard has been developed.

When developing brackets for basketball, there should be a minimum of two hours between the start of contests being held on the same day involving different schools. For example, if the first game of a district tournament doubleheader is scheduled for 5 p.m., the second game should not be scheduled to begin until at least 7:00 p.m.

District and Region Managers are reminded to send their completed brackets, following the requirements described above, to        


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