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02/26/19- KHSAA Update on June Scholastic Events

February 26, 2019 Basketball Blog Updates


In January, in response to findings from the Rice Commission, the NCAA announced changes to its Division I Men’s Basketball Recruiting Calendar. The intent of the changes was manifold:

  • First, it was a concerted effort to create events that were solely and completely managed and run by individuals from the interscholastic community, those affiliated with the 51 State Associations and the District of Columbia.
  • Secondly, it was an effort to reduce recruiting time in July and re-structure the entire Division I recruiting cycle. The end result was identification and open events in April, highly restricted events in June, and a reduced number of days for open, shoe-company type events in July. 

The primary desire of the changes was to create events in one of five types, which center around individual skills camps, traditional team vs. team play, and all-star play. The emphasis of the June events was and remains, traditional school play where possible, and then individual groupings or multi-state teams where that is feasible. The basic event types recommended by both the NABC and the National High School Coaches Association were:

  • Showcase (individuals – instruction, drills for skills, grouped for games);
  • Team Camp (scholastic teams – invited for instruction, drills for skills and games);
  • Jamboree (“select” teams – formed by league or area within a state to learn, drills for skills and games);
  • Metro Area (individuals or teams in a metro area); or
  • Multi-State (players and/or teams from several states for Showcase and/or Jamboree format)

As with most NCAA regulations and changes, the opportunities for involvement in the June events are quite restricted, and cannot be waived by any state association. The member state associations are the only entities that can request event approval. That is the fifty state high school associations and the DC association. No other entity may apply for approval. The following criteria are specified:

  1. The member state association office hosting the event must submit the event application. The KHSAA will not directly sponsor any event and in compliance with the regulations, will only consider for approval an event sponsored, managed, staffed and conducted exclusively by the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches. No other event will be considered. There is no opportunity for third-party involvement in any way.
  2. For multi-state and regional events, the member state association office hosting the event must receive approval and verification from all participating member state association offices prior to submitting the event application.
  3. Team events shall include member state association schools only.
  4. Event coaches shall be employed (paid or unpaid) by member state association schools, the state basketball coaches association or state coaches association and must complete all school and state association certification requirements, including background checks, prior to coaching in the event.
  5. Neither the event nor any participating team shall have on its staff any individual who has been found guilty or pleaded guilty in a court of law to a felony or for having been involved in sports bribery, point shaving or game fixing.
  6. Participants shall be from a member state association school.
  7. Participants shall be scholastic student-athletes as defined and determined by the member state association.
  8. Gifts and awards, if offered, should be provided according to the limitations defined by the host state association or, for multi-state events, the most restrictive participating state association. Such participation gifts should be purchased by the event organizer.
  9. A financial accounting report shall be submitted with the event review form.
  10. Entry fees shall not exceed $200 per team/school and $50 for individual participants; fees charged in excess of this amount must be approved by the member host state association and justified by documented expenses.
  11. Event admission charges for non-participants shall not exceed $10 per day; admission charges in excess of this amount must be approved by the member host state association and justified by documented expenses.
  12. College coaches packets (rosters, participant information, etc.) may be provided and the cost to coaches shall not exceed $150 for the event.
  13. Multiple-sites are permitted for execution of the events as long as each site is located at an educational institution other than a NCAA Division I institution. Examples of permitted sites include elementary, middle or high schools, two-year institutions, or other four-year institutions.
  14. Host sites should provide separate event access and seating for college coaches.
  15. Host sites shall provide adequate and qualified medical staff, facilities and support as determined by the host state association.
  16. The applicant shall provide indemnification and a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance naming the NFHS and the NHSBCA as additional insureds.
  17. Game officials should be members of an accredited officials association as recognized by the host state association or members of the NFHS Officials Association.
  18. Use of sponsors is permitted for actual and necessary expenses to operate the event (e.g., facility rental fee, food, and beverage for participants and event staff, printing of credentials, etc.); all other sponsorships are prohibited. Sponsors shall not influence the selection of participants (players, teams or coaches) nor shall they determine event format.
  19. Video, streaming or other video/audio transmission of the event shall not occur without the written consent of the member state association.

Cooperatively with the NFHS, the NCAA has set up a system for approval of these events for use by its member state associations. Additional criteria for the events include:

  1. No third-party sponsors or operators are permitted to organize and implement events.
  2. The use of NCAA Division I or non-scholastic facilities is prohibited.
  3. NFHS Affiliate members do not have event approval privileges (as with sanctioning).
  4. Under current NCAA rules, NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to attend a boys event but are prohibited from attending a girls event.
  5. Penalties for non-compliance with the above criteria are at the discretion of the applicable state association.
  6. Upon event completion, data will be requested and compiled by the NFHS to determine the effectiveness of events for participants, coaches, member state associations and collegiate coaches.
  7. All events approved by the NFHS will be posted on the NFHS website and other appropriate public domains.

In addition, any event approved by the KHSAA for application through the system shall:

  1. Use NFHS playing rules.
  2. Use USAB/NBA Youth guidelines for grades 9-12 including those limiting the number of games in a weekend
  3. Event coordinator shall collect data including:
    1. Name of each participant
    2. Name of each high school coach
    3. Name of each collegiate coach in attendance
    4. Name of each event staff member
  4. Host state association shall determine eligibility and feasibility of streaming the event through the NFHS Network.
  5. Event staff shall consist of member state association-staff members, member school personnel and/or approved state coaches association members.
  6. Include an educational component for participants and high school coaches as part of the event.
  7. Net revenues should be designated to host future events or invested in direct student-related programs (e.g., student leadership conferences, sportsmanship summits, college information educational materials, etc.).

The two possible windows for the events per the NCAA rules in June of 2019 are:

  1. Friday, June 21 at 6:00 p.m. – Sunday, June 23 at 4:00 p.m. The KHSAA will consider an application for an event conducted by the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches during this window.
  2. Friday, June 28 at 6:00 p.m. – Sunday, June 30 at 4:00 p.m. The KHSAA will NOT consider an application for an event conducted by the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches during this window as this falls within the restricted period of KHSAA Bylaw 24 (Dead Period). However, students enrolled at KHSAA member schools, without school funding, transportation, coaching or other personnel and adhering to all other Bylaw 24 restrictions may, on their own, attend such activities in another state if such is permitted by that event. KHSAA coaches (full or part-time, paid or unpaid, any level) may not attend an event at which an enrolled student in their school is participating. This provision is the same as for any other individual camp an opportunity during the Bylaw 24 Dead Period. This allows the student’s participation opportunity without impacting the application of the member school approved Bylaw 24 Dead Period.

The KHSAA will continue to cooperate with the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches if hosting or scheduling of any event is desired. Applications are required to be submitted by the KHSAA to the NFHS prior to April 1, 2019.

Event hosts will be required to furnish the following information pre-event:

  1. Preliminary Budget
    1. ·   Estimated Revenue
    2. ·   Estimated Expenses
  2. Certificate of Insurance
  3. List of Schools/Participants (this list can be updated throughout the process)
  4. Any information distributed (brochures, letters, emails), etc. concerning the event which will be required to be submitted by the KHSAA to the NCAA and NFHS

Event hosts will be required to furnish the following information post-event:

  1. List of Schools/Participants
  2. List of Member Association staff
  3. List of Coaches and Event staff
  4. List of College Coaches in attendance
  5. List of Sponsors
  6. Daily List of Awards provided
  7. Total attendance including Daily attendance



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