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09/13/18 – Basketball Interpretation Relative to Bylaw 9 in Regards to AAU Tryouts for Basketball

September 19, 2018 Basketball Blog Updates


The KHSAA continues to receive inquiries in regards to Bylaw 9. Basketball/Football Contestant On Other Teams, Postseason And All-Star Games. More specifically we have received numerous inquiries in regards to AAU tryouts and whether or not this is permissible. 

Bylaw 9 states that athletes who have previously BOTH been enrolled in grade nine and then subsequently represented a KHSAA member school in a contest or scrimmage, cannot play in an organized basketball game from the first day of classes for the student body through the first day of practice (October 15).

Therefore, while the tryouts themselves may be permitted we wanted to remind athletic directors, coaches, and students what is permitted and not permitted for basketball players in regards to these tryouts. What specifically is permissible and not permissible for basketball players to participate in after the first day of school is outlined in Case BL-9-2 and can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Athletic Directors, coaches, and players should be mindful of what activities actually occur at these tryouts in the event that they are different from what is being advertised. Players who participate in activities at these tryouts that are not permitted under Bylaw 9 are in violation of the Bylaw even if they were not initially aware of the fact that these activities would be taking place.

Please feel free to contact the KHSAA at your convenience if you have any questions.   


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