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12/21/21 – Basketball Schedule Maintenance Updates

December 21, 2021 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As of this morning, access and permissions have been restored for team schedules so that Athletic Directors and Coaches can modify, add and remove games at any time. Any removed game by either Athletic DIrectors or Coaches must include the reason for cancellation.

Member schools must remain diligent by accurately reporting COVID-19 cancellations. The data from those cancelations plays a huge role in seeing how the virus is affecting sports, and frankly, helps ensure our ability to continue to play. We hope this data will be accurate as we move through the winter and vaccinations, including booster shots, increase to help slow the spread and reduce quarantine time.

Contracted games canceled due to COVID are subject to being recorded as forfeits as there was no blanket waiver of Bylaw 22 for this season. The result of the original game will be noted as a COVID cancellation whether or not the opponents reschedule and play later in the season. That COVID cancellation notation will not be removed from the schedule during or after the season. Games cancelled due to COVID-19 do not count against Bylaw 23 game limits, but are recorded on the scoreboard results.

Per Bylaw 22, teams entering into a seeded district are by default entering into a contract and are subject to the minimum forfeit fees in Bylaw 22, even if no written contract exists.

In the event of a required seeded game not being able to be played due to COVID issues with one team, and the teams not being able to agree to play the game by the deadline for seeded games, the results will be recorded as a forfeit for the purpose of seeding.

In the event of a mutual COVID cancelation (both teams in quarantine, etc.) where a required seeded game cannot be played, the result for seeding purposes will be based on the comparative RPI on the date of the last seeded contest.

COVID cancellations can be reported through your team’s schedule page. After clicking “Update” next to a game on the Enter/Edit Varsity Team Schedules page of the KHSAA school login page (, you’ll see the following choices for cancelation at the bottom of the screen:

  • COVID Quarantine of Reporting Team
  • COVID Quarantine of Opponent Team
  • Forfeit by Reporting Team
  • Forfeit by Opponent Team
  • Non-COVID Mutual Agreement
  • Weather-Related Cancelation
    • *You’ll also see a note that if the reason for cancelation is in dispute, to contact with details.

The daily email links to enter scores will continue to be sent. Those emails are not generated for games added on the date the game is played. Utilizing the email links and calling the scoreboard hotline at 1-800-453-6882 are the only methods to report scores. Do not email the address to report a contest score.


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