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02/12/24 – Board of Control Election Procedures

February 12, 2024 Athletic Department Blog Updates



  • Balloting is ONLY done online for these positions.
  • All schools from Basketball Regions 1 to 8, as well as regions 13 to 16 have at least one election in which to ballot. Other schools may disregard this notice if received.
  • All non-public schools in Regions 9-16 may vote in the election for the non-public school representative, per state law.
  • Balloting was available per the Constitution on or before February 15.
  • Only the Principal or Designated Representative may vote. The names on file as verified by the KHSAA website at the time of this ballot distribution are listed on the school directory page at
  • If the wrong individual is listed as the Designated Representative, the correction may be made by anyone with Athletic Director system rights (Principal, AD) prior to the ballot being submitted. For support in correcting these entries, contact Rob Catron or Kara Howard at the KHSAA offices, however, the change will be for all items related to Bylaw 1, may not have already been changed since September 1, and is for the remainder of the school year.
  • Those individuals that have multiple system roles (coach, AD, etc.) be sure you select that you are logging in as the Designated Representative
  • Please clearly vote for one of the following school candidate(s) for the KHSAA Board of Control by logging in to, then select Board of Control Elections in the second column.
  • After marking your ballot, click Submit Vote.
  • If your school is voting in more than one election, you will then be able to cast those additional ballots.
  • You are voting anonymously. No person will be able to know who voted for whom in any election.
  • Only one ballot per school is accepted, once a ballot is submitted, no one else will be able to see the ballot.
  • Per the Constitution, the ballot must be submitted on or before midnight, ET on March 1, 2024.
  • Below are screenshots of what you will be looking for in order to vote. These screenshots will not match exactly the elections for 2015-2016, but are representative of the procedure to be used:

First, login to the member school system at

You will then see an election screen, Click on VOTE NOW:

You will then see the candidates and may select your choice and click Submit Vote:

You will then get a confirmation screen, and an additional message if other elections are available to your school:

If your school has already voted, you will see this message

That’s it. You can then click on the logo to return to the main school page, or close your browser window. Thanks in advance for your participation!


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