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11/19/20- Football Playoff Reminders

November 20, 2020 Football Blog Updates


This additional reminder is sent to all schools, including those eliminated from the postseason, in the event that these schools choose to play additional contests as permitted.
Here are a couple of reminders and emphasis points. In reverse order:

  • The Governor’s ordered school shutdown (which was directed at Indoor winter sports) did not make changes to the playoffs and our desire to finish the current season. But we all should be aware that there are a lot of “eyes” on how we execute the playoffs and compliance with public health standards.
  • For that and a myriad of other reasons, a playing rules interpretation is being issued again regarding the public health guidance.
  • As of yesterday, failure by adults and non-uniformed individuals in the team areas in all KHSAA sports to adhere to masks/face covering guidance shall be considered an unsportsmanlike act. 
  • There remains an allowance for players currently in the contest as well as the contest officials to NOT be required to wear masks as they are aerobically exerting at the time and have always been an exception in the guidance documents due to health and safety concerns. It remains required by the Guidance Document that the players not in the contest be wearing their masks/face coverings but that, at least at this point, is not to be considered unsporting.

Just as officials are expected to monitor those in the team box in other ways (conduct, language, location, etc.), they will be expected to ensure compliance.

For enforcement:

  • Officials are asked to use the same steps as the sideline box, with a recorded warning, a foul, and removal as the three steps of the process.
  • The fouls are to be recorded specifically to the offender.
  • A recorded warning shall apply to all offenders at once and a warning is not to be provided to each offender.
  • Ideally, the entire process stops with that first warning and it never impacts the game or field position.

Other than the circulation of photos of coaches, particularly high profile head coaches, failing to wear masks/face covering or early season large crowds being submitted this season has gone better than most expected to date, although I know scheduling has been a nightmare with quarantines, isolations, and travel restrictions.

To our coaches: please remember that the role as leaders in education-based athletics compels you to lead in this area as well. The privilege of coaching is important and with that role, comes additional responsibility, especially with our coaching leaders (head coaches). This one small but very visible step by our coaches will be yet another effort to be able to complete the season. No official who has ever worked a contest wants to go “hunting” for this problem, but they will manage as necessary.

Officials are not to assume jurisdiction over the public health requirements for individuals not on the sideline in the team box, that is the role of game management, including the press box and other locations.

For all games, please ensure that the FB106 form has been submitted. We are sharing the information on attendance capacity with the Department for Public Health and need to be sure that we have all school facilities reporting.


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