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10/28/23- Football Update 10/28/23

October 28, 2023 Football Blog Updates



  • Apologies in advance for the delay in getting this information to you. Everything was ready just after midnight but there was one single non-submitted score that delayed finalizing everything, including tiebreakers, etc. That score wasn’t received until early this morning. But all should be accurate now.


  • THANK YOU to those schools that cooperated and either voluntarily scheduled on Thursday or Saturday. We could not manage this week without cooperation.
  • From this point, ANY Friday night game will only have five officials. If you desire 7, select Thursday or Saturday.
  • Most of the matchups were determined more than a week ago, and thanks to the nearly 65% of you who got your information submitted this week.


  • Though the instructions have been on the KHSAA website for several weeks, some are just now realizing they need them. 
  • See the complete fall instructions link at
  • The first section of those instructions (numbered through page 11) is the general instructions applicable to all championships.
  • As football is the final fall championship, those instructions are near the end. 
    • Navigate either 1) to the numbered page 39 of those fall sport instructions to get the football-specific information, or
    • In the table of contents, click on the line that says FOOTBALL SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS on the second page of the table of contents and it will take you directly to those instructions.


  • Two teams, Ballard Memorial and Pendleton County, withdrew prior to the finalized brackets. As such, they will continue to participate in district play in 2024.. 
  • If such withdrawal is made after this point and standings in all classes are final, the school will be withdrawn from this year’s playoffs, and ineligible for district play in 2024.
  • In addition, the loss after bracket formation will be recorded as a forfeit loss.



  • As is the case each year, teams hosting playoff games are to complete the FB106 form to inform the office as to game date and time, as well as the first-round officials request. 
  • That form is on the KHSAA website at
  • The list of those that have been submitted is on the KHSAA website at


  • All ties have been broken and the results posted on the website as final.


  • The bracket builder link above shows all brackets in the order that they will be entered, including the positions held for this weekend’s tiebreakers.
  • All have been updated and posted


  • The Round 3/4 Bracket Helper link above is the easiest way to track the postseason’s first two rounds and impact on the third-round pairings and will be updated as game results are received.
  • The lists are sorted by the remaining teams, in the order of class, bracket half and RPI.

Thanks and best of luck for a safe postseason if you are in the playoffs, and a safe and productive offseason if you are not.


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