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08/03/20- Questions and Answers Regarding NFHS Network Pixellot Program

August 3, 2020 2020-2021 News Releases


This document represents questions received from KHSAA member schools and districts since the start of the Pixellot donation program. This program was first announced in a post and email from the KHSAA on July 14, 2020. That post is archived at

As more are received and answered, this document will be expanded. Answers were provided by the staff at PlayOn Sports (the NFHS Network partner distributing the cameras).

1. Does this contract have any impact on radio rights to our games?

It could have a tremendous positive impact as you can add an audio mixture to the computer that comes with the system and add play by play commentating. Nothing in the contract prohibits or limits radio broadcasting in any way.

2. The contract allows for local TV to broadcast a game at our discretion. Can they live stream it as well, as long as we still stream on NFHS?

Under the partnership with the NFHS Network, we require all athletic events (in a Pixellot venue) to be streamed to the NFHS Network. We (the network) require live streaming of pixelot broadcasts.

Per the contract, School will not permit any third party to stream any regular season sports events that would be deemed competitive with PlayOn’s activities; provided that School may allow student-led groups to live broadcast regular season sports events (“School Co-Broadcasts”) as part of a broadcast media curriculum program. For the sake of clarity, events selected by School or School Co-Broadcasts will also be broadcasted on the NFHS Network via the Pixellot Systems.

Per the contract. School may allow (at its discretion) the third party local television coverage to broadcast regular-season events at a School without violating the Agreement. For the sake of clarity, School shall also broadcast via the Pixellot Systems on the NFHS Network any regular-season event that is broadcast on linear television by a third party.

If another party is broadcasting (#2, #3), the NFHS Network will also broadcast the game via the Pixellot systems

3. What is the school share of the annual subscription fee ($70)? We understand our amount is based on the number of subscriptions sold.

The standard revenue sharing is 10% on the $10.99 monthly pass (for the life of the subscriber) and a one-time payment of $20 on the $69.99 annual pass. For the 2020-21 school year, there is a special plan for the sale of Annual passes due to Covid-19. There is a stairstep increase in the sale of the $69.99 price to where if schools sell 0-99, the share is $20 per pass; if they sell 100-399 of the $69.99 pass, the share per pass is $35; and if they sell over 400 annual ($69.99) passes, the share is $45 per pass.

4. Schools receive 100% of advertising. Is there a limit on the number of ads and a suggested rate structure for schools to follow.

Every school is different as it pertains to cost structure for sponsors. The benefit is that schools can set their cost structure and keep 100% of the monies. There are three spots in each Pixellot stream for a watermark to be burned into the stream. These can be exchanged by sport, by season, by game. There is also advertisement space available on the school landing page.

5. There has been a discussion concerning the broadcast of Band Competitions. If the school/district has obtained proper copyright permissions, are there any other issues that could arise.


6. After review of the contract, we would have a $2500 installation fee and a $1500 charge if we wish to receive revenue immediately. Are there any other costs.

99% of the time, yes there are no other additional costs to the school.

The only other cost that MAY come up (and we do not see this with schools in Kentucky), if the scoreboard controller at the press box is moved to the field for events other than football, they may need to purchase another device to pull the scoreboard content.

IF the scoreboard controller remains in the press box for ALL Events, then this is a non-issue. As I mentioned, I do not see many schools in Kentucky who move the controller on the field to keep events. This is a very big practice in NJ, CT, PA.

7. The installation is a flat  $2500 for the two cameras. Can schools self-install the camera units to avoid this fee?

Yes, within a specific window of time. Upon receipt of the camera at the school, the school will receive a separate optional mini-agreement, which will commit to installation and operation within thirty (30) days. If that installation is not completed and cameras operational by that time, the school will choose between returning the unopened unit to the KHSAA for return to the NFHS Network offices, or paying the standard installation fee.

8. How does our school get ‘credit’ for someone’s subscription?

The NFHS Network has a revenue attribution system that tracks where you buy your subscription – game, school landing page, etc. They also encourage all schools to send fans to their school page and buy the subscription there so they can be 100% sure they are supporting their intended school. This is called “School to Support” and it is asked during the sign-up process. You can only support schools that are broadcasting partners. Non-broadcasting schools do not receive any revenue sharing.

9. What happens at the end of the contract?

After the 5-year term is over the school can leave it in place by not canceling it. The NFHS Network will certainly want to extend its relationships with partner schools.

10. What if we do not have a hardline internet connection at our stadium?

PlayOn can provide a point-to-point system if no hardline internet connection outside.

11. Will schools who don’t “opt-in” during year one have the opportunity to “opt-in” during year two?


12. Has any school attempted to connect the server via wireless instead of a wired network?

This is not an option as the equipment does not have wireless capability.

13. How does the Game Film upload work?

Coaches receive an automated email after each game with a link to download game film. Football game film is already split into individual clips for easier breakdown and upload. Coaches also can schedule customized filming during practice. You may also utilize VidSwap powered by Pixellot, which offers unlimited storage.

14. Can the three sponsor watermark logos rotate during the game?

No. However, you can upload 10 sponsor logos/ads to the rotating carousel on your school landing page.

15. Can schools purchase additional cameras?

Not at this time. The current focus of the program is to provide two cameras free of charge to every school for their gymnasium and stadium. This will be revisited later in the year if demand subsides.

16. Can the outdoor cameras be moved- from football to softball stadium. Fall to spring?

No. The cameras are weatherproof and should be left in place to avoid damaging the units.

17. Can you stream additional games without utilizing the Pixellot unit?

Yes. You can stream an event live through manual production (laptop, software, camera) or upload an event for on-demand viewing.

18. At what distance from the playing surface is best for the picture? Have any schools used a drop mount for the Pixellot camera?

PlayOn can provide a diagram upon request that highlights recommended guidelines.

19. What is the subscription cost for our fans?

A monthly pass is available for $10.99 while an annual pass is offered for $69.99.

20. What content is available for subscribers?

Subscribers can watch all events on the NFHS Network (live and on-demand) from any state, including all KHSAA Championship events (Sweet 16®, Football Finals, etc.).

21. Can you produce a pay-per-view game, or is everything is done on a subscription basis?

There is not an option for pay-per-view events. Everything is available for subscribers (monthly or annual).

22. Does the KHSAA get revenue from this arrangement, or is it just the individual schools?

No. The KHSAA has a separate agreement with the NFHS Network which is not impacted financially by the number of participating schools or subscriptions sold.

23. Is the management web-based or cloud-based, or do you have to be at the server?

The scheduling software is a web/cloud combo. You do not have to be at the server to access it.



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