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02/06/20- Deadline Extended for 2019-2020 Seeded Basketball District Games

February 6, 2020 2019-2020 News Releases


It goes without saying that many schools have missed many days of school recently. While little has been for the weather, when we have likely half of our school districts out of school at various points these last two weeks for illness, it is obvious that basketball has taken a second seat.

For that reason, and based solely on these extenuating circumstances this season only, the deadline for playing in seeded district games has been extended to THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20. This will no doubt cause hardship on some of our managers who will only have one business day for final arrangements, including brackets. However, it is apparent that this is a necessary step.

Any game not played by February 20 is to be counted as both a win and a loss for both teams in figuring the winning percentages for district seeding. This procedure has long existed in the Competition rules and was designed for just such situations as this.
Managers are reminded that the brackets will need to be submitted to first thing Friday, February 21, if there are seeded games, played that Thursday. Thanks and good luck getting in the rest of the games on your schedule and in getting your student bodies back to full strength.


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