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03/09/21- Seeded District Reminders

March 9, 2021 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Over the last couple of days, we have had several questions regarding district seeding and it is best that we summarize a few things before the deadline to play those games tomorrow. Nothing about this information is new, but these do represent the number of questions that have been received.

All of this relates solely to seeded district games.

From the January 15 notice to the schools-
A reminder from the guidance document, if a district has voted to play multiple times for seeding, the first game played shall be the tiebreaking game in the seed pattern, regardless of previous decisions. Much like decisions to have senior night activities very early, as many are doing, there is no guarantee of the second game, and this will ensure that as much as possible, ties are broken on the court. In specific districts, those schools voted again after the original guidance was issued and we unanimous in their decisions and that vote would be honored.

From the January 15 notice to the schools-
The host of that game is to remain the host of the first game as of the January 4 start of play if there is a cancellation. For example, A was scheduled to play B at B, that game is canceled, and the next time they play, B is scheduled to play A at A. This changes the dynamics of the tiebreaker and isn’t to be permitted. The game played at site B would be the tie-breaking game.

From the Guidance Document for Basketball (and other sports)
If COVID-19 is the specific reason for cancellation (quarantine of team members, isolation of team members, board of education decision regarding travel based on the guidance document), then the result of that non-played game is determined in accordance with the Guidance document. In all seeded games, those canceled due to the pandemic or mandatory quarantines, the comparative RPI of the teams following the last seeded district game deadline will be used when calculating district winning percentage. This means that once all results are posted after the games on the last seeded district date (Wednesday, March 10 for most districts, Thursday, March 11 for a couple of districts severely impacted by events beyond their control such as weather), the comparison of the RPI values for those two schools will decide that winner (for seeding purposes only). No result of this determination will be recorded on the team’s overall record.

From Bylaw 22
When a district votes to seed, there is a contract established per Bylaw 22, Sec. 4(g), whether or not a written contract is signed. Therefore any seeded district game canceled not directly related to COVID-19 is recorded as a forfeit/walkover with the score recorded as 2-0.
Even with a signed contract, there are not forfeit contract fees or penalties during the statewide emergency declaration.


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