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01/06/15 – Reminder about Stats Collection REQUIREMENT and Penalties for Non Compliance

January 6, 2015 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Beginning next week (week of 1/12), we will begin compiling weekly statewide statistical leader reports. With this first compilation, any school that has NOT reported statistics for one or more games will be penalized. The likely first step will be a FINE in accordance with Bylaw 27, and the adopted fine schedule calls for a maximum fine of $100 for failure to submit the reports (per game), as well as another fine if such a team should make the state tournament and is not in compliance with the requirement. Beginning next week, those penalties will be imposed.

Please keep in mind a few other notations:

  1. The statistics requested are not comprehensive by any means, but complete submission is required for each game. These individual games are then aggregated for season totals;
  2. The individual games should be entered within forty-eight hours. Beginning later this week, you will begin receiving daily notices via email (both to coaches and administrators) of games that are missing. Yes, they are intended to nag into compliance to prevent penalty;
  3. Only submission via and clicking on the stat entry links will be accepted. Do not FAX, MAIL, EMAIL or otherwise try to submit. It must be interactively entered through the online system.
  4. Statistics may be entered by the Head Coach, any coach assigned head coach data privileges, any user with Athletic Director privilege, or those specifically listed with statistics access. We will work fairly quickly to add a training video related to stats entry, just in case of issues, but feel free to contact Joe Angolia ( if you have basketball stats questions, or Rob Catron ( if you have technical issues;
  5. For more than twenty years, the KHSAA has collected statistics for boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. Participation has by far NOT been 100% and has brought to light the issue of credibility of the results. We have had a large number of concerns expressed during this season, not about the requirement, but about those who were NOT reporting.
  6. We have had a very minimal amount of coaches that frankly perhaps have some outdated thinking that somehow the stats give someone an advantage and therefore should be withheld. In these days where someone is likely taping each contest via iPhone or iPad or many other devices in the stands, to think results can be hidden is probably outdated. The benefit to the students, which is always our primary objective, far outweighs competitive concerns.

Appreciate you cooperating and preventing other actions from being taken.


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