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08/22/18- Basketball Interpretation Relative to Bylaw 9 Due to Changes in NCAA Women’s Recruiting Calendar

August 23, 2018 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Due to changes in the NCAA recruiting calendar for women, an interpretation is necessary to KHSAA Bylaw 9 and this interpretation supersedes Case Situation BL-9-6 from the 2017-18 KHSAA Handbook.

Bylaw 9 states that athletes who have previously BOTH been enrolled in grade nine and then subsequently represented a KHSAA member in a contest or scrimmage, cannot play in an organized basketball game from the first day of classes for the student body through the first day of practice (October 15).

There are two exceptions for females. The relative provisions are contained in Bylaw 9. These provisions state –
(3) Permissible competition by females during this period shall include:
a. permitted evaluations held at nonscholastic women’s basketball events during the weekend designated for evaluation by NCAA coaches; and
b. attendance at a one-day exposure event during the period beginning with the first date of the NCAA women’s recruiting period (contact and evaluation periods) and through October 14, and only for events solely funded by the student and her family that cannot extend over multiple days.

Previous to this year, the NCAA designated a specific weekend for permitted activities to fulfill exception (a) above. This weekend designation has been removed. However, the two weekends during the NCAA Contact period may be utilized for these activities. For this school year, that would be September 14-16, and September 21-23. These would be the permitted dates for exception 3(a) for the 2018-19 school year.

This does not impact exception 3(b) above for those attending a single-day event.

The complete NCAA calendar for 2018-19 is listed at

The complete text of Bylaw 9 is located at


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