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07/10/22- Rosters Open for Entry for 2022-23

July 21, 2022 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Good morning. On behalf of the entire staff, it is our hope that many of you as building and athletic administrators are back and ready to go after taking advantage of the only two “down” weeks of the athletics year with the dead period!

This year, there have been only minor changes to the required KHSAA online roster and the school management system. Rosters have been rolled from the previous year, and may now be edited for the coming seasons as well as sport and sport-activity offerings. Though there are minor enhancements being fine-tuned, there is no reason for a delay in entering and editing rosters. We will again conduct a thorough review of the system through demonstrations at the regional meetings and staff is available to assist at any time.

STUDENTS MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN INTERSCHOLASTIC COMPETITION (including scrimmages and contests), AND SUCH SCRIMMAGES AND CONTESTS CANNOT BE HELD BY MEMBER SCHOOLS WITHOUT A VALID ROSTER BEING ONLINE! The KHSAA system (which is the ONLY system for roster and schedule entry that meets KHSAA rules and requirements in all sports), is now back online after our summer roster rollover process.

Here are the recommended steps for getting started for 2022-2023 if you have not done so already:

  1. Login to your KHSAA Member High School Account on the school login system (
  2. Go to your Maintain Member School Information (non-personnel) page located in the Primary School Database Operations section of links (direct link
  3. Ensure that all of your sports offerings for 2022-2023 are correct as of that date – especially your Fall offerings. Feel free to update as student interest changes and new offerings are added or outdated ones need to be removed.
  4. Make any necessary changes to both the School Information and the Sports Participation Information grids.  Note that the School Information data is what populates our public-facing school directory.
  5. Proceed to your Maintain Overall Athletic Roster page located in the Maintain/Print Rosters section of links (direct link and review your entire athlete list. Until your overall athletic roster is initialized, you nor your coaches (if you allow them) can enter/edit specific team rosters.

There is one additional note concerning rosters – specifically adding a new athlete to your school.  The process for adding a new athlete to your school will be the same for 2022-2023 as it was in 2021-2022 – that is, only someone with Athletic Director access rights or high can add new athletes to your school – the ability for coaches to do so is still disabled.  2022-2023 should be the final year that this will be in effect, with the process returning to normal for the 2023-2024 school year as any impact of SB128 will be complete.

As the (temporary welcome back) box says at the top of the screen, over the summer we have:

  1. Promoted all of your athletes a grade level from last year.
  2. Removed (graduated) all of your seniors so they are no longer on your school’s list, and
  3. Cleared out all Freshman and JV rosters assignments, leaving only your last year’s varsity roster assignments intact (as you can see in the list). i.e. If there was a junior on the varsity baseball roster last year, they will be a senior this year on the same varsity baseball roster.
  4. For those districts that approved the implementation of SB128 in 2021 for 2021-22 ONLY, those designations of those players who were approved have to remain logged in the data.

You have the option, at this initialization stage to clear out all of last year’s varsity roster assignments as well (thus “starting from scratch” on all three roster levels – not only Freshman and JV Rosters). This process is non-reversible, so please make 100% certain of this before you do so.

Our IT Director, Rob Catron, has created a 5-minute instructional video that describes the roster initialization process. The video is located at and embedded at the end of this post. Though the title of the video is 2016-2017, the information on the video continues to be accurate.  This and many other training videos which will both help guide new Athletic Directors and serve as a refresher for veterans can be found on one Youtube AD playlist:

Please contact Rob at the KHSAA ( or by phone, 859-299-5472 ext 249 and he can assist with your technology needs using our system.


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