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High School Basketball Shot Clock

May 13, 2021 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The NFHS recently announced its basketball playing rules changes for 2021-22. We like you, did not know what changes were approved until they were announced. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

Among those changes is the approval of the shot clock, but only if adopted by the state association. As this is now a playing rule option beginning in 2022-23, we will begin the gathering of data so the Board of Control can make a final determination during the 2021-22 school year. The Board previously approved a membership survey on the shot clock issue, however, such was delayed until the NFHS rules decision was finalized. This process by the Board of Control will involve a lengthy review and may also include separate data gathering (surveys) of the coaches of the member schools and other interested individuals.

To keep the general public from making fictitious or malicious responses, we are again using our Board election system that is in the school subdomain to conduct a member school survey. We are asking for each school to submit their choice using this system using the directions below. This will require that only the Bylaw 1 Designated Representative submit the choice (or the Principal). Separate surveys are being done for boys and girls in order to determine if the choice varies by gender. In many states that previously adopted the rule, the determinations and rules were in fact different by gender, but such is not required.

We have been fortunate to have a representative on the NFHS rules committee for the past several years and are aware that there is a multitude of considerations including scorer’s table personnel, personal opinions of the style of play, cost and installation of the clocks, genders, and levels to be used, etc. These issues and all others should be considered before entering your survey result.


  • The system has been available since May 13, and is due back in by May 31.
  • The survey is open and will show on the link at under the menu link entitled “Board Of Control Election/School Referendum Operations” for each of these surveys.
  • Please remember to vote in BOTH the BOYS and GIRLS surveys.
  • You can use the general instructions located at for general directions as it mirrors the balloting.
  • These options will NOT be available to individuals, such as coaches, who do not have rights in the system as Principal or Designated Representative.
  • Those holding multiple roles in the system, be sure and log in as Principal or Designated Rep. Do not login with coaching or Athletic Director roles.

The response must be submitted by June 15.


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