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04/22/16 – Reminder Bylaw 23 Limitation of Seasons

April 21, 2016 Athletic Department Blog Updates


This is a reminder to all administrators and coaches concerning Bylaw 23, Limitation of Seasons. KHSAA staff members have received several inquiries about permitted activity,  specifically concerning fall sports and practice/tryouts for the fall. The same principle and rule would apply to any “tryout” in any sport or sport-activity that is not held during the period defined by Bylaw 23.

The first official tryout/practice date for 2016 football is July 10.  For the other fall sports/sport-activities (Soccer, Golf, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Cross Country, Competitive Cheer), the first official practice date is July 15. Only after these dates can anything mandatory be required of team members or potential team members. 

Until the day following the last day of school or May 31 (whichever is earliest), coaches are permitted to provide instruction and be involved with team members (provided such is approved by the principal), but continue to be restricted in “competitive” situations with other schools unless they are held away from a member school campus. Football is also restricted by the allowances on issuing high school equipment to team members or prospective team members outside of the designated spring practice window (with the exception of helmets which are permitted during on-campus activity, solely involving enrolled students from that school).

Keep in mind that anything done for all sports during this time that is outside of the limitation of seasons cannot be mandatory (no penalty or team decisions based on lack of participation) and not a “tryout” period to make the team for the fall.

The full text of Bylaw 23 is located at the link below:

Please contact the KHSAA Office with any questions.


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