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09/04/15 – Reminder about Heat Index/Drones at Competition

September 4, 2015 Athletic Department Blog Updates


This notice is being sent to all member schools and specific licensed officials.

While we have been blessed with a relatively cool summer, such is likely not to be the case this weekend and early next week. Keep in mind that the Heat Index regulations are always in place, with mandatory recording of temperatures and humidities to determine if any activity needs to change. The quick reference chart is located at but schools as always are responsible for complete policy adherence, not just what is on the chart. 

For Field Hockey, Soccer, Cross Country, Golf and even Volleyball (if played in a facility without air conditioning), all play must be suspended when the Heat Index reaches 104 degress. When the heat index is above 99, mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes for at least 10 minutes in duration are required, along with all other stipulations in the heat index guidelines. 

For Football, the threshold temperature for stopping play is when the heat index is above 99 due to the additional equipment being worn. 

Officials have been instructed to use all measures to provide water breaks as required by the rule or as specified in the playing rule codes. It is the obligation of home game management, not the officials, to monitor the temperature and humidity, and then alert officials when play should be stopped or activity altered.


All member schools and officials are reminded that many months ago, the Board of Control adopted and distributed a policy that restricts the use of Drones at any scrimmage or contest. If game officials observe a drone in operation at a KHSAA sanctioned contest (preseason, regular season or postseason), the contest should be stopped, and game management shall take all necessary steps to stop such usage. The game cannot resume until the activity has stopped.

This was also a point of emphasis at the rules clinics and reminded of all officials and coaches.



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