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08/09/12 – Home Game Management

August 9, 2012 Soccer Blog Updates

PrintThe practice of good sportsmanship is integral to conducting an interscholastic athletic contest. After reviewing past records of disqualifications and sportsmanship issues involving the KHSAA and its member schools, the KHSAA Board of Control adopted the following recommended procedures for implementation at contests in the sport of soccer. Here is the link to the document, With the regular season beginning on Monday the 13th, I think it is important for the School Administration and Head Coach to review the Sportsmanship recommendations in regard to providing Home Game Management. Many of you may be new to your position and therefore are not aware of this policy. We are already getting reports from Officials that have been working the pre-season scrimmages. Just today, I had a report of two schools who had made a Booster Club member the home game manager. Another school appointed the Athletic Trainer who was not on staff at the school. With the responsibilities that rest with the home game management, I can not advise more strongly that the Manager should be someone that speaks on behalf of the School’s Administration. Remember home game management  participates in the pre-game meeting with the Officials and Head Coaches. They are responsible for many things, including but not limited to…. reporting if the game is being played under a Heat advisory, and they must be able to handle unruly or disruptive fans that might need to be escorted from the facility. As a former Athletic Director I can’t see a parent being asked to be in charge of removing another parent from the Facility, or understand the procedures for dealing with weather related issues. Please feel free to contact me for any further questions that might arise from your review. Thank you and Good Luck this year! Print

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