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09/05/12 – Soccer Post Season Sites

September 5, 2012 Soccer Blog Updates


The season is just under way and coaches are already calling and emailing me about “where will my team play for the Region”, or “who am I going to play in the new Semi-State game”. Let me take some time and go over the process so that all of you can make plans for the post season.

  •  I will be contacting the schools listed as host sites today to verify that they will serve as a district site. You will notice that some districts have failed to send in their site plans, so I will be contacting the first school listed alphabetically and asking if they will serve as a host site.
  • Regional Sites for this year are determined by the Standard rule that we have been following: For the boys’ regional tournaments in even numbered years (2012), the host shall be the district winner in the even numbered district. For the girls’ regional tournaments in even numbered years (2012), the host shall be the district winner in the odd numbered district. Because we have regions with three and four districts they will default to the lowest number for both boys and girls this year. For an example look at Region 6, the Boys winner in District 22 will host the winner and runner-up from districts 21, 22, 23 and 24. On the girls side, the winner of District 21 will host the regional tournament for Districts 21,22,23 and 24.
  • Semi-State games are set for a six year rotation. the complete chart of those games are found in the Competition rules in the KHSAA Handbook. For this year (2012) the Semi-State Parings are:  1: 2@1, 2: 4@3, 3: 6@5, 4: 8@7 5: 10@9 6: 12@11, 7: 14@13, 8: 16@15. These parings apply to both the Boys and Girls teams that win their regional championships.
  •  State. The Commissioner shall conduct a blind draw to determine the pairings for the state tournament. The winners of the eight (8) semi-state games shall advance to the state tournament. This draw will take place this Friday, September 7th. We will hold a separate draw for the Boys and Girls  tournaments.

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