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09/21/17- Cross Country Four-Meet Minimum Clarification

September 21, 2017 Cross Country Blog Updates


With the cross country season well underway, we have received several inquiries from Athletic Directors and Cross Country coaches about the four-meet (4-meet) minimum requirement that is required for entry into postseason competition. Below is the criteria to enter the postseason regional meet:

“To be eligible to compete in the region or state meet, a contestant shall have competed in at least four meets while eligible to represent the school in varsity competition on a team that is representing a member school during a regular season meet. These meets shall involve a minimum of two schools. The meet shall be allowed to count toward that minimum for varsity-eligible students regardless of the meet level (freshman, junior varsity, varsity). Coaches should maintain and have available copies of all results for the region manager to verify in case of a challenge to the required participation minimums by any athlete. A meet shall not count toward the four-meet minimum for any athlete if it involves the athlete entering and participating in more than one race that has a distance of greater than 2,500 meters in any single day.”

Under recent bylaw changes, a student-athlete may potentially participate in junior varsity or freshman level meets while ineligible, however, such participation would not count toward the four-meet minimum.


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