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09/21/15 – Reminder of Bylaw 15 – Practice of Sportsmanship – Removal of Team

September 22, 2015 Athletic Department Blog Updates


It is the clear obligation of principals, coaches, and all official representatives of member schools to practice the highest principles of sportsmanship and the ethics of competition in all interscholastic relationships with fans, officials, players, coaches, official representatives of member schools, and the general public.

Knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the Sportsmanship rule outlined in Bylaw 15 are essential for all parties involved in the sporting event, including, players, coaches, school administrators and officials.

One aspect of this Bylaw that has recently become a concern involves coaches who have removed their team from the floor or field prior to completion of the contest and without the permission of officials.  

Please make sure you are aware of Case BL-15-11 :

Removal of a team from the floor or field without the permission of the official(s) is a violation of Bylaw 15, Practice of Sportsmanship. A school or school representative violating this rule may be suspended or otherwise penalized. If the game is called because of unsporting acts by any player, coach, team representative or other direct representative of a member school, it will be considered a violation of this bylaw. Such shall be reported by the contest official to the KHSAA and reported by the affected schools within 24 hours of the incident.

There are proper channels for reporting issues at contests or providing evaluative feedback of contest officials. Coaches taking matters into their own hands and taking teams off the field/court is not one of the allowable channels and such actions will result in penalties. Most often, and at a minimum, these penalties will include a fine against the member school and a multiple game suspension of the instigating coach. This penalty and this situation are entirely preventable.

Please ensure that each of your coaches are aware of these provisions.




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