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10/07/13 – Post Season Officials Reminders

October 7, 2013 Soccer Blog Updates

PrintThe Post Season is a week away! Congratulations to those of you selected to work the post season. There are a few key things to keep in mind that you should make note of…. Tie games…..No game ends in a tie, please print the  tie break protocol from our web site:  and go over this with your AR’s before the match, so that everyone is on the same page. Inclement weather…..In accordance with the playing rules, 15 minutes prior to the contest beginning, and during the contest, the officials shall make determinations as to stoppage of play. It is the duty of the tournament manager in consultation with the officials, participating teams and the KHSAA, to make decisions with regards to re-start or re-scheduling in the event of stoppage or postponement and ensure that all teams, media outlets and schools are properly notified. Officials you are to make note  of time in match, possession and any cautions/send offs, location of ball and what the restart is. Even though you may be in the second half, all games must be played to completion ( except for “Mercy Rule” games). Mercy Rule Provisions….. If one team has a 10 goal lead at the end of the ?rst half or at any point in the second half, the match will be terminated. This rule is to be observed in regular and postseason play. Official time…..Review with Home game Management and Coaches the “clock”  protocol for your site. Print

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