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10/10/16 – Reminder of Soccer Postseason Tie Breaker Procedures

October 10, 2016 Soccer Blog Updates


As the Soccer postseason begins, every contest from this point forward shall have a winner to determine which team advances in the tournament. If the score is tied following the end of regulation, two five-minute sudden victory overtime periods shall be played. If either team scores during one of the sudden victory periods, the contest is over.

If the score still remains tied following the overtime periods, the contest will be decided by kicks from the mark (penalty kicks). Each team will select five different kickers to take a penalty kick. The team scoring the greatest number of kicks shall be declared the winner and advance.

If the score remains tied after the five kicks, each team will select five different kickers and the kicks from the mark shall continue in sudden victory format. The kicks shall continue in this alternating fashion until a winner is determined.   


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