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03/05/13 – Question of the Day

March 5, 2013 Soccer Blog Updates

PrintIn less than 24 hours, I have been asked by four different coaches whether girls on their varsity teams can play JV Boys soccer too. It seems some club coaches have been telling the girls that their best chance for improvement is to play against the boys. Regardless of the motivation to play on both teams,the Board of Control has set policy for this issue, copied below is that policy for Soccer. You may find this in the Handbook, look under Board Policy E) Soccer
1) If a school sponsors both a boys and girls team in soccer, 
students may only play for the gender speci? c team (girls may 
only play for the girls’ team, boys may only play for the boys’ 
2) If a school sponsors only a boys team and does not sponsor a 
girls team, female students may play for the boys team.
3) A boy may not play on a girls’ soccer team for any reason.

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