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06/23/15 – Clarification on 7 v 7 games for Field Hockey

June 23, 2015 Field Hockey Blog Updates


We wanted to update you on a change in interpretation and a clarification on 7 v 7 games for Field Hockey. 

It is correct that a 7v7 game is legal per the NFHS rule book and is allowed during preseason and regular season play. After be asked by several schools about the 7v7 tournaments that they run, our initial interpretation was that this would only be allowed in preseason events.  After further investigation into the rules and discussion among executive staff members and with schools we realized that the rulebook does allow for 7v7 competition by rule and that this format is not only acceptable at any time during the season, but can be useful especially when starting and the growing of new programs.

With that being said, here are some items schools will also need to take into consideration when considering participation in 7v7 contest:

1) There is no change on how preseason competition (scrimmages) would need to be played.  Schools still have 2 opportunities for a consecutive 3 hour scrimmage.  Multiple teams may be playing on multiple fields at the same location during this consecutive 3 hour period, but once the scrimmage begins it is to terminate no later than 3 hours later.

2) If the 7v7 format is used during regular season contest/tournament , that contest will count for a game for game count toward your total of 24 allowable contest.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions about this clarification.


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