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06/13/19 – Field Hockey Goalkeeping Course Added to NFHS Learning Center

June 13, 2019 Athletic Department Blog Updates


INDIANAPOLIS, IN (June 13, 2019) — “Coaching Field Hockey: Goalkeeping,” an online education course produced in partnership with USA Field Hockey, has been added to the available courses on the NFHS Learning Center at

“Coaching Field Hockey: Goalkeeping” is a sport-specific course that demonstrates the skills, techniques and tactics of playing the goalkeeper position in field hockey. As the last line of defense, goalkeepers require unique and supportive teaching and training.

“We’re excited to offer this professional development opportunity for field hockey coaches and look forward to expanding coaches’ knowledge of the game,” said Dan Schuster, NFHS director of educational services.

“Teaching, developing, motivating and including goalkeepers in training is an important part of team development and a common challenge, especially for coaches who have never played the position,” said Craig Parnham, USA Field Hockey director of coach education and learning. “This course focuses on the basic techniques and includes simple exercises to keep goalkeepers actively learning, involved and engaged.”

The goalkeeping course consists of five main units: “Equipment,” “Basic Principles of Positioning,” “Kicking Skills,” “Aerial and Glove Saves” and “Communication, Set Plays and Coaching Tips.” Throughout each unit, the course focuses on how a goalkeeper is a leader on the field and what can be done to make them better leaders.

“We’re looking forward to being able to have coaches learn more, in detail, about coaching the goalkeeper position,” Schuster said.

“USA Field Hockey and the NFHS created the ‘Coaching Goalkeeping’ course to support new and experienced field hockey coaches and the athletes they serve and inspire,” said Sally Goggin, USA Field Hockey national development director. “We recognize that trained and educated coaches provide a better, safer, more positive experience and are key to the continued growth of high school field hockey across the country.”

The NFHS and USA Field Hockey have also partnered for another NFHS Learning Center course titled “Coaching Field Hockey” that is scheduled to be released this summer.

“We are delighted to work in partnership with the NFHS to provide resources for coaches,” Parnham said.

Additionally, the “Coaching Field Hockey: Goalkeeping” course fulfills the sport-specific course criteria for obtaining NFHS Learning Center certifications as Accredited Interscholastic Coach (AIC) and Certified Interscholastic Coach (CIC).

After starting with two courses – Fundamentals of Coaching and First Aid for Coaches – in 2007 through the NFHS Coach Education Program, the NFHS Learning Center now offers 68 online courses – 33 of which are free.

In addition to “Coaching Field Hockey: Goalkeeping,” the NFHS Learning Center offers 26 other sport-specific courses. Courses are now available to students, coaches, parents, administrators, officials and performing arts/educators.

Since the launch of in 2007, the NFHS has delivered more than 8.5 million courses.

This press release was written by Luke Modrovsky, a 2019 summer intern in the NFHS Publications/Communications Department. He is a senior sports management and communication studies major at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.


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