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12/23/14 – Field Hockey Scheduling Information

December 23, 2014 Field Hockey Blog Updates


Holiday Greetings to all of you!

We understand that coaches are working on their schedules for next season and have questions about dates and numbers of games to schedule.  The KHSAA does have that information already published in the 2014-2015 handbook so we wanted to share those links with schools.

The competition rules explain that teams will be allowed 24 games next season.  

Field Hockey Competition Rules

The corresponding dates calendar shows the planned season dates as it corresponds with the NFHS calendar for the next several years.  The dates for the season and postseason are listed here.  At this time we are still working with Bellarmine on the State Tournament dates. We will keep you abreast of any changes that may be necessary.  Also, the Apple tournament was moved back a week, so the start of season appears to be early.  

Field Hockey Corresponding Dates

We have been in contact with both Manual and Christian Academy about the 7 v 7 games that they have hosted in the past.  This format is not allowed under NFHS playing rules as a regular season contest, but the format may be used in preseason scrimmages.  There are restrictions to the number of scrimmages allowed and the duration of those scrimmages for all sports. Please utilize your Athletic Director for clarification of the following bylaw as they are familiar with how the scrimmage limitations work.

Bylaw 23 – specifically Case BL-11

Another question we have received is about master scheduling.  If field hockey schools desire to be part of a master schedule, that would be a decision for the school.

We are hopeful that this information helps as you plan for next season.


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