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01/15/21- Wrestling Season Reminders and Updates

January 15, 2021 Wrestling Blog Updates


After our first couple of weeks, it appears a couple of reminders are in order related to the wrestling season during the pandemic. We have been blessed by an opportunity to wrestle when so many other states are NOT having that opportunity. But that privilege comes with responsibilities to help ensure public safety and the continued opportunity.

Regular Season

  • Mask/Face coverings are a requirement, not a recommendation for everyone off the mat.
  • The segment limitations on the number of teams/participants are to be followed even if the event you participate in is hosted out of state.
  • As a point of clarification, the 30-second time extension between the periods was established to provide extra time for all parties involved. If all parties are ready, and that extension is not needed, you may begin the next period. 
  • Coaches, don’t forget part of the Healthy at Sports guidelines stipulates only one coach in the corner of the mat during the bout. 
  • As a point of clarification, the KHSAA has not modified the weigh-in/skin check rules found in the NFHS Rule book.
  • As a Bylaw 23 reminder, if you choose to break the event over two separate days so you can increase the number of wrestlers in a segment (for example, wrestling the first seven classes on a Wednesday and the remaining classes on a Friday), you must count both towards your limitations of 15 matches for the season.
  • With the change to rule 4 art.1, now requiring female wrestlers to wear a form-fitted compression suitable undergarment under a one-piece singlet, it is recommended that due to schools not yet having purchased singlets designed for females, that they wear a Compression shirt rather than just a Sports Bra. Your female wrestler might find it more comfortable wearing a singlet that happened to be designed for male wrestlers.
  • Segment 2 (January 25 to February 14) begins soon, please review those limitations.


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