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04/14/23- Wrestling State Schedule Format Survey Questionnaire

April 14, 2023 Wrestling Blog Updates

At its February meeting, the Board of Control approved the Commissioner’s request to survey the member school Designated Representatives about the state wrestling format. This survey must be completed by the Principal or Designated Representative of each member school. 
This survey is critical with the addition of a Girls’ Wrestling Championship for 2023-24 as well as addressing both staff and membership concerns about the current schedule, particularly the state first round. While other information will be solicited from both Athletic Directors and coaches on the sport with the addition of the girls’ championship, the feedback on this issue should come from each school sponsoring the sport through its Principal or Designated Representative. The philosophy of the Board in the last several years has been to seek opinions in compliance with Bylaw 1, instead of small group recommendations that might not find favor with the majority of the membership or surveys where response integrity can be brought into doubt. So your participation is critical. This same methodology will be used on another pair of surveys related to the basketball shot clock and the State Swimming Meet Schedule Format.
To keep the general public or others from making potentially fictitious or malicious responses, we are again using our Board election system which is in the school subdomain to conduct this member school survey. We are asking for each school to submit their choice using this system using the directions below. This will require that only the Bylaw 1 Designated Representative submit the choice (or the Principal). 
  • The system is available for this vote beginning April 14 and is due back in by May 1.
  • The survey is open and will show on the link at under the menu link entitled “Board Of Control Election/School Referendum Operations” for each of these surveys.
  • You can use the general instructions located at for general directions as it mirrors the balloting.
  • These options will NOT be available to individuals, such as coaches, who do not have rights in the system as Principal or Designated Representative.
  • Those holding multiple roles in the system, be sure and log in as Principal or Designated Rep. and please do not login with coaching or Athletic Director roles.

The response must be submitted by May 1 and results will be considered at the May 10 Board of Control work session and full meeting.
You will be asked to select from 3 options on the survey. There is no proposed discussion of any change to the postseason standard wrestling format where all events are held with a full-consolation wrestle back to 3rd format. Sites will be determined once the format decision is finalized after the survey results.
OPTION 1- Eliminate State First Round, Have 32-person boys/coed format at a single site that would be on Thursday/Friday with girls on Saturday one year and then reverse the order (girls then boys/coed) the next year<br />
OPTION 2- Continue State First Round and State Finals format, further sub-dividing the state first round to pair two regions for that round in order to accommodate crowds and minimize travel- with alternating pairings of regions within regions 1-4 and 5-8<br />
OPTION 3- Reduce to two boys/coed qualifiers from each region and a 16-person state event for each gender (Boys/coed and girls) at a single site

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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