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08/01/13 – Early Planning Notes

August 1, 2013 Wrestling Blog Updates

PrintWith school under way in some of our districts, I realize some of you are trying to finalize your schedules. Two items to keep in mind as you go forward. I know some of you are wanting to get into the NWCA Weight Management  website and begin entering your schedules and other data. When the NWCA emails the temporary login information for each of you, I will send it on to you that day. Until then, the site is not open and you will just have to wait on that task. Some of you are new to coaching and the pre-season scrimmages can get tricky if your not careful. Each school is allowed two scrimmages against other schools. Keep in mind they can only be three hours in total length from the first match until the last match is over. Along with that, you must adhere to the recovery time rule between matches. If too many schools are invited to your “pre-season event”, you may not be able to get as much time on the mat for your wrestlers as you thought. As always, please feel free to contact me for further questions or information. Print

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