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11/03/16 – Wrestling will Experiment with New Rule

November 3, 2016 Wrestling Blog Updates


The Wrestling Advisory Committee met recently to discuss several ideas on how to increase participation numbers in Wrestling. One area the committee felt strongly about was the possibility to add an alternative uniform to the traditional singlet. Many felt the tradition singlet might be an inhibitor for some students and their desire to participate.

With this direction from the committee, the Commissioner recently requested permission from the NFHS Rules Review Committee to experiment with Rule 4-1, Wrestlers’ Uniform. The NFHS Wrestling rules committee has been discussing the addition of an alternate uniform for possible inclusion in the rule book for 2017-2018.

The KHSAA asked to be the state association to beta test this new concept and report our finds back to the Rules committee after the season. The rule that we will adopt for experimentation reads:

Art. 1…Wrestlers shall wear
a. Remains the same;
b. Remains the same;
c. A singlet with the top cut as outlined in (a) with full-length tights and stirrups. Full length tights with stirrups are acceptable under a one-piece uniform. Any other undergarment that extends beyond the inseam of a one-piece uniform shall be tight fitting, single solid color, unadorned and shall not extend below the knee. The uniform shall be a school issued uniform. (Photo 1)
d. Compression or board shorts designed for wrestling: shorts shall have a minimum 4 inch inseam that shall not extend below the knee. Shorts shall not have exposed draw strings, belt loops, zippers, snaps, buttons or pockets. The shirt shall be tight fitting, short sleeved or sleeveless and shall not cover or extend below the elbow. In addition, the length of the shirt must be longer than the torso to prevent the shirt from becoming untucked.
e. Undergarments: a suitable undergarment that completely covers the groin area. Female contestants must also wear a suitable undergarment that covers their breasts.

Note: Any legal uniform as noted in 4-1-1 shall be a school issued uniform. (See Photos)

This does not fundamentally change the rule. It should also be noted that this is not a mandated change, but rather an alternative that may be used if a school team chooses.

At the conclusion of the wrestling season, we will poll both Head Coaches and Officials for feedback on the alternative uniform. This information will be compiled and forwarded to the NFHS rules committee for their discussion on implementing this for permanent inclusion to the rule book. 


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