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01/12/17 – Archery Alignment Update and Championship Changes

January 13, 2017 Archery Blog Updates


Based upon feedback from the Archery Advisory Committee following their discussions in a meeting on December 15th, Association staff proposed a change to the format of the state archery tournament. For the last two years, the archery state tournament included a “medal round” in which the top four teams would shoot another round to determine the team champion. However, members of the Advisory Committee expressed concerns that the medal round asked too much of the student-athletes, as shooting two full flights in one day, which is not in line with the normal physical training regimen for shooting, puts undue physical stress on the students. Following Board approval, the medal round will be eliminated, which will allow staff the option to expand the number of qualifying teams and individuals, if desired, by using those afternoon slots previously used by the medal round.

The Board also accepted a recommendation to revise the awards structure for the regional and state archery tournaments. Where previously the regional tournaments recognized the top four overall shooters regardless of gender, the regional tournaments will now award medals to the top four individual performers in each gender. The state tournament, which previously honored the top eight individuals regardless of gender, will now award medals to the top five performers in each gender.

The archery alignment was also adjusted, as the addition of a dozen schools to the sport-activity necessitated the expansion from 10 regions to 11. The new regional alignment was composed with boundaries comparable to the basketball boundaries, with a combination of regions in the far east and far west portions of the state, and the remainder in geographic proximity to the current basketball alignment. The final approved alignment is online at


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