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08/04/14 – Archery Changes on the Horizon

August 5, 2014 Archery Blog Updates


As the school year begins, and for planning purposes we would like you to be aware of some important changes for the postseason in Archery. Due to some potential misinformation that is being circulated, we felt it better to communicate this information when it becomes available instead of waiting until the season actually begins later in the year.

The KHSAA archery tournament dates and basic management are being adjusted, particularly with respect to scheduling. The KHSAA, along with our partners at KY Fish and Wildlife and the NASP are  trying to move our tournaments to a time  with less conflict with other sports and sport-activities and to make the events truly KHSAA events. In the end, these moves will create even more shooting opportunities for our high school archers while changing/eliminating the cost element to many of the participants.  KHSAA, KY Fish and Wildlife and NASP are working together to make sure that all of these programs grow to  become stronger than ever.

For this reason, we will no longer host our championships in conjunction with the NFAA  Championships in Louisville in March. We will continue to partner with both KY Fish and Wildlife and NASP for the advancement of this great sport-activity in our member schools. We will shift the event to more mirror the model of championship that our member schools are familiar with by having our schools host regional championships and the staff will be investigating and finalizing sites for our State Championships.

With this announcement, we hope to dispel any rumors that we are moving away from the standard NASP style of competition. We will continue to sponsor our events using target archery and the standard NASP competition rules. We are not leaving our partners, we are simply adopting a different style and schedule and letting the sport experience its natural growth. We will be working diligently on arrangements and plans and update our information as it becomes available, particularly with issues such as site logistics, and links from our competition to other advancement meets. Pay attention to the archery blog posts for more information by visiting



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