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12/10/18 – State Dance Championships Information

December 10, 2018 Dance Blog Updates


In preparation for the State Dance Championships, the KHSAA wanted to remind all participating teams of a few important rules regarding the competition, and encourage coaches to make sure their routines are following ALL guidelines. Below you will find some reminders for the event:

  • The time limit is 2:15 (two minutes and fifteen seconds). Teams exceeding the time limit by more than 3 seconds will be assessed a penalty.
  • Weight-bearing skills with hip-over-head rotation may NOT be executed with poms in hand unless the poms are appropriate hands-free poms. Please reference the hands-free poms section of the KHSAA/UDA rules for details.
  • Aerial cartwheels may only be done with hands-free poms; if you are not using that type of pom, you must place the poms down, or in one hand, to properly execute the aerial maneuver. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Tumbling passes are not allowed for the state dance event.
  • An adult is responsible for playing your team’s music; alternate student-athletes will not be allowed.

Please note that there will be a Rules Judge on the main floor at the competition watching for penalties. Upon completion of the entire event, deduction sheets and each individual school’s scoresheets will be available on the KHSAA school subdomain. Should you have any questions regarding a skill ahead of time, please feel free to email the skill in question to While UDA will not approve skills ahead of time, it is always safe to get feedback before the day of if possible! Please include team name and divisions when sending in videos.

Admission gates will open at 8:00 a.m. on December 15th with tickets available for $10. Kids 10-and-under are admitted free. Finally, please make sure parents and spectators are aware that pets are not permitted.


Please contact Assistant Commissioner Sarah Bridenbaugh ( at the KHSAA offices with any questions.


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