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It’s good to be back

January 24, 2016 FieldsColumn

So, did I miss anything?

It’s been eight months since I retired from the Herald-Leader after covering high school sports for 41 years.

After giving up the gig cold turkey, I filled my time with travel (the British Open at St. Andrews was a bucket-list highlight), grandkids (Candy Land, anyone?), a long honey-do list (I racked up big numbers on my Fitbit while painting the basement), and an autumn wedding (I have three daughters; this was my third misty-eyed walk down the aisle).

I haven’t missed the deadlines or daily grind of the newspaper business, but I have missed reporting and writing and connecting with people.

I was looking for a way to get back in the game in a limited way, and the Kentucky High School Athletic Association was gracious enough to give me an opportunity with this blog. I will also revive my dormant twitter account (@MikeFieldsKHSAA).

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll write about, or how often I’ll write. I have to dust the cobwebs off the keyboard and find a rhythm and routine to this new endeavor.

I welcome any story ideas or tidbits on all things high school sports. Email me at

It’s good to be back.