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08/17/20 – Officials Incident Reports 101

August 20, 2020 Officials Division Blog Updates


Reprinted with written permission from Referee magazine.  For subscription information contact Referee magazine at 800–733-6100 or visit referee.com.


If unsporting acts require the submission of an incident report to a school, league, association, or other governing body, officials should keep in mind the following to ensure a properly completed report:

The unsporting acts complained of are set forth unemotionally and without any exaggeration or commentary.

The official does not take a defensive position.

The official does not recite a list of plaudits received from others indicating what a great official he or she is.

The official indicates he or she has followed proper officiating mechanics.

The official indicates he or she has enforced the letter and the spirit of the rules.

The official sticks to the facts.

It is also recommended officials have their report reviewed by their association’s attorney, secretary or other designated game-report officer prior to submission.

Officials should not be eager to write up any coach who looks cross-eyed at them but remember the coach who barges into the locker room after the game and challenges an official to settle their differences in the parking lot may, if nothing is done about it, carry his or her threats one step further with the next official to work his or her game.

It’s true not all instances of conduct in amateur sports that place officials in danger are dealt with effectively by the respective governing bodies.  But unless the official initiates the process of reporting the actions by players, coaches, spectators, etc., there is no initial input from which the process can be invoked.  In other words, officials must initiate the process to give the system a chance to work.


Keep in mind incident reports are separate from ejection reports, but are important in communicating issues to the Association and member schools.




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