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12/21/12 – Originially posted 10/25/12 – BK Official Scorekeeper Shirts and Running Clock Clarification

December 21, 2012 Basketball Blog Updates


We have received many calls asking about the official scorekeeper shirt.  The new rule reads that the official scorekeeper must wear a black and white garment to identify themselves at the table for players and officials benefit.  The KHSAA supports the rules of the NFHS and ask that schools make every effort to comply.  

This garment may be a black and white sweater, t-shirt, etc.  We recommend an officials shirt as it is the most easily identifiable.  This also allows for an added element of professionalism to your table crew.  It will also be very helpful for players as they report in and for officials as they report to the table.  There will be no penalty for the lack of compliance at this time, but officials may report the non compliance to their assigners.

Running Clock questions have also risen.  To clarify, once the running clock has started it will continue until the games end.  We also need to clarify that the printed interpretation in the Officials Guidebook about  when the clock should restart is correct.  In an earlier interpretation, there was a slight differences and has been revised.  

Running clock at all levels of competition, grades 9-12
1) One team gains a 35-point differential over its opponent in the second half.
2) The clock shall be stopped only for a charged time-out, an injury/blood or disquali?cation, and administering free throws.
3) After reporting a shooting foul, the of?cial will signal the timer to stop the clock. (The timer shall not stop the clock on all whistles for fouls since some will not be shooting fouls).
4) Once the of?cial signals the timer to stop the clock, it will be started
on the last missed free throw or on the throw-in when it is touched.

 I hope all of your seasons have gotten off to a good start – Good luck!


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