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04/28/14 – Arbiter Reports Emailing Issue with Assigners who use Yahoo or AOL

April 28, 2014 Officials Division Blog Updates


Officials and Assigners: The KHSAA received this email from Arbiter.  We wanted to make sure that you are aware of the situation.


We are currently experience higher rates of email delivery failure for assigners using Yahoo or AOL email addresses due to recent policy changes that these two providers have implemented.  The policy they have adopted is called DMARC Rejection.  Basically, they are no longer letting non-Yahoo or non-AOL servers, send in their clients’ behalves.  Unfortunately, this includes our servers and any other website that was sending in behalf of AOL and Yahoo clients.  Yahoo began this policy on April 11thand AOL on April 22nd.  It is our belief that many others may follow suit. Here are a couple of articles on the policy changes:

 We are working on solutions.  The most likely solution is that we will need to have the sender on all emails be, rather than the email of the assigner.  However, we will send the assigners email as the reply-to field so that officials and schools can reply to the messages.  We hope to have some kind of fix within weeks, with a more elegant fix in the coming months.

 In the interim, we are recommending that assigners use non-AOL or Yahoo email when sending mass emails.  Contact our support office (801-576-9436 or for a complementary sub-admin license if necessary.

 We’re sorry for the inconvenience.  It is affecting all in our industry.






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