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01/03/17 – ArbiterPay Option for Schools for Payment of Officials

January 3, 2017 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As was shared with those that were attendance at the Annual Meeting, the KHSAA has now finalized a review and approval giving member schools the option to pay licensed officials online (some schools have already started using this service) through ArbiterPay (A Division of Arbiter Sports).

While the assignment of officials has been done through Arbitersports.com in the past, this added resource (ArbiterPay) has been reviewed and approved by the KHSAA Board of Control and has been given positive referral by the Kentucky State Auditor’s office.

ArbiterPay Questions
What is ArbiterPay?
ArbiterPay or “RefPay” is the web based software that pays officials electronically through Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF). ArbiterPay is completely integrated with ArbiterOne so school administration can pay officials with the click of a button once the system is properly configured.

What are the benefits of paying officials through ArbiterPay?

  1. Can eliminate vouchers
  2. Eliminates check processing
  3. Eliminates checks to the wrong official
  4. Eliminates postage
  5. Eliminates lost or stolen checks
  6. Eliminates bookkeeping headaches
  7. Eliminates stop payments
  8. 24/7 online payment tracking
  9. Payment history
  10. Mass pay multiple officials
  11. Assigning and scheduling integration
  12. Increased tax compliance
  13. Reduces liability with sensitive information
  14. Conserves the environment/resources
  15. Saves money
  16. Saves time
  17. Officials are able to research their pay better
  18. Streamlined 1099 submission
  19. Combined school’s tax reports

Do schools have to pay officials using ArbiterPay (is it required)?
No, especially not at the start of the program. The choice to use ArbiterPay is up to each school district and any requirement would be a future decision by the Board of Control or the member schools as a group.

Is the KHSAA paying for a school’s ArbiterPay account?
No. Each school district will need to register through ArbiterSports to obtain an ArbiterPay account, including funding the account.

How does my school treasurer access our ArbiterPay account?
ArbiterPay can be accessed at www.arbiterpay.com. Participating schools will use that website to sign up to use the service and to transfer funds to their accounts and view the different reports they will need for accounting purposes. Once ArbiterPay accounts are set-up, the athletic department can pay officials directly through ArbiterOne.

Are there any costs to using ArbiterPay?
Yes, there are fees for using ArbiterPay. The ArbiterPay fee is simply a transaction fee that is charged to the school for every official that is paid. This fee is deducted from the school’s trust fund at the time the official is paid. However, the transaction fee is far less than the current costs incurred with paying officials by check. Current costs include the man-hours to process these payments, the cost of the checks, the costs of the printer and ink, the cost of postage, the costs to replace a lost or stolen check and the costs associated with paying the wrong official. Once the money is transferred to the official’s account, they have a no-cost way of getting their money. Officials also have choices through Arbiter on how to receive their payments through electronic transfer of funds, an Arbiter debit card or a paper check.

A powerpoint to assist you with the setup process can be viewed at:

Please contact Justin Miller of ArbiterSports with any questions or to sign up for the service.  

Justin Miller


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