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01/29/16 – KHSAA Board Adopts Baseball Pitch Count Restrictions with Mandated Rest

January 29, 2016 Athletic Department Blog Updates


At its January meeting, the KHSAA Board of Control had a second and final reading and adopted a pitch count limitation beginning with the 2016 baseball playing season. The Board adopted the proposal in response to concerns regarding student safety expressed both locally and nationally concerning arm injuries and overuse, and upon the receipt of a great deal of recent data.  

Previously, the pitching limitation (and subsequent required rest) was based upon innings pitched. The new rules will mandate rest based on pitches thrown as detailed below. 

KHSAA Pitching Limitation Rule (For all interscholastic play including scrimmages, regular season and all rounds of postseason) is based on the number of pitches thrown in a game with the following provisions:

  1. The calendar rest begins on the day following the date on which the game began or a resumed game began regardless of the conclusion time of the game.
  2. The pitch count is based on pitches thrown for strikes (including all foul balls); balls; balls in play and outs.
  3. A pitcher at any level who reaches the pitch count limit in the middle of an at-bat will be allowed to finish that hitter.
  4. Warm-up pitches allowed before each inning, warm up pitches allowed by the umpire in case of injury or game delay, and plays attempted against the batter-runner or any runner at first, second or third base do not count against the limit.
  5. All NFHS Substitution and Pitching Rules must be followed.
  6. The pitch count charts of both teams from prior contests are to be presented to the opposing coach BEFORE the game.
  7. A Designated Pitch Count Recorder shall be designated by the home team (DPCR).
  8. During the game, pitch counts will be recorded by the DPCR and are to be reviewed between innings. Any discrepancy shall be settled by the DPCR without umpire involvement and that record shall be considered final.
  9. A protest over a discrepancy in pitch counts discovered in a later inning from an earlier inning in the game will not be permitted due to end of an inning verification.
  10. At game’s conclusion, the KHSAA pitch count form will be signed by both head coaches or designated representatives.
  11. Both schools have the responsibility to maintain every pitching chart form until the school season is complete.
  12. Any discrepancy found after the game will be reported to the KHSAA and shall be treated as a potential eligibility issue to resolve.
  13. For pitchers pitching multiple levels, the most restrictive rule shall apply when there is conflict.
  14. The use of a pitcher not eligible to pitch by the pitch count restrictions shall constitute the use of an ineligible player and result in contest forfeiture and additional penalties per Bylaw 27.
  15. A hard copy must be available upon KHSAA request at any point during and following the season.

The limit on the number of pitches is based on the level of pitching. Specific rest periods are in place when a pitcher reaches a threshold of pitches delivered in a day. The rest periods required during the regular and postseason are listed below:

Maximum Pitches – 120
76 pitches or more – Three (3) calendar days of rest
51-75 – Two (2) calendar days of rest
26-50 – One (1) calendar day of rest
1-25 – No mandated rest

Maximum Pitches – 110
66 pitches or more – Three (3) calendar days of rest
41-65 – Two (2) calendar days of rest
26-40 – One (1) calendar day of rest
1-25 – No mandated rest

Maximum Pitches – 85
56 pitches or more – Three (3) calendar days of rest
36-55 – Two (2) calendar days of rest
20-35 – One (1) calendar day of rest
1-19 – No mandated rest

Following the season, the staff will solicit the pitching compliance forms from member schools for analysis and compliance testing. Several others states have recently adopted a pitching limitation with regard to pitch counts as the states move from an innings rule to a pitch count rule for protecting the arms of the players. 


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