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05/10/18 – Board Finalizes Cheer Postseason

May 10, 2018 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The KHSAA Board of Control, at its May meeting, finalized changes to the structure and advancement to the competitive cheer postseason.  To assist in the prevention of automatic qualifiers at Region/State for cheer, the 16 regions will be combined to 8 sectional competitions. Per board action, Regions will be combined accordingly:

1&2; 3&4; 5&6; 7&8; 9&10; 11&12; 13&14; 15&16. 

Sections can alternate host sites (Region 1 one year and Region 2 site the next) or choose to have a permanent site based upon facility abilities and availability. The competition rules will stipulate the odd region listed in the alternation table would recommend the region site in the odd year, and the even region in the even year. Sites selected must be able to accommodate the historic crowds, similar to the criteria for the current basketball site selection.

Athletic Administrators from both combined regions are responsible for making decisions such as ticket price, expenses and division of any revenue as a group.  The “host” region is not solely responsible for this.

The Commissioner’s office would make the final selection based on the recommendations and consider all other factors.

To permit schools to plan and prepare, following are the future dates:






Week #1

1@2; 7@8; 9@10; 13@14

Oct. 28-Nov. 3

Sat., Nov. 3

4@3; 6@5; 12@11; 16@15

Nov. 3-9

Sat., Nov. 9

1@2; 7@8; 9@10; 13@14

Nov. 1-7

Sat., Nov. 7

4@3; 6@5; 12@11; 16@15

Nov. 7-13

Sat., Nov. 13



Nov. 10, 2018

Nov. 16, 2019

Nov. 14, 2020

Nov. 13, 2021

Week #2

3@4; 5@6; 11@12; 15@16

Nov. 11-17

Sat., Nov. 17

2@1; 8@7; 10@9; 14@13
Nov. 17-23

Sat., Nov. 23

3@4; 5@6; 11@12; 15@16

Nov. 15-21

Sat., Nov. 21

2@1; 8@7; 10@9; 14@13

Nov. 14-20

Sat., Nov. 20



Nov. 22, 2018


Nov. 28, 2019


Nov. 26, 2020


Nov. 25, 2021

Open Week

State FB Finals

State FB Finals

State FB Finals

State FB Finals


Dec. 8, 2018

Alltech Arena

Dec. 14, 2019

Alltech Arena

Dec. 12, 2020

Alltech Arena

Dec. 11, 2021

Alltech Arena

In each division, the winner and runner-up from each of the eight (8) regions will advance to the State Competition (maintaining the number of state competition qualifiers).

Previously there were two Coed Divisions. Division A (1-4 males) and Division B (5 or more). Due to the lack of participation to fill full 16 teams in both for multiple years, the two Divisions will be combined. Coed will now be one division with 1 or more males up to the overall squad limit size of 30. With the combination of the two Coed Divisions, the Game Day competition will be slotted into the second Coed spot. This now allows the State Competition to be completed in one day.

Last year Game Day was an open competition with 85 squads competing. Due to the number of squads, the competition had to be split based upon squad size. This year Game Day will be a division at each region to qualify for state.  Schools will continue to be able to enter two squads (two competitive, two Game Day or one competitive and one Game Day).  No single participant may compete on two squads.  There must be different participants on each squad.

Anticipated State Schedule will be as follows:
Morning Session – 9 a.m. – All-Girls Small; All-Girls Medium; Game Day
Afternoon Session – 2:30 p.m. – All-Girls Large; All-Girls Super; Coed



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