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5/23/12 – Cheer Classes/Divisions Approved by KHSAA Board

May 23, 2012 Cheer Blog Updates


The KHSAA Board of Control set divisions for Competitive Cheer based upon enrollment for the 2012-13 to 2015-16 schools years at its meeting today ….May 22.

Small Class – 800 Enrollment and below

Large Class –  Enrollment 801 and above

The squad sizes remain the same with the exception there was a change to coed.

For 2012-13 …here again are the squad sizes (within each class)

All-Girls Championships
Small – minimum of 6, maximum of 12
Medium – minimum of 13, maximum of 16
Large – minimum of 17, maximum of 20
Super-Large – minimum of 21, maximum of 24

Coed teams will compete in Small and Large Class (800 Enrollment and below; Enrollment 801 and above)  Coed teams must have at least a minimum of 6 (two boys and four girls or four boys and two girls) and not more than 24 total members.

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