07/17/2013 – NOCSAE Releases Additional Statement on Helmet Shell Attachments

July 17, 2013 Football Blog Updates


(THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY COMMUNICATION FROM NOCSAE, AUGUST 2013, see http://khsaa.org/082713-nocsae-position-revised-again-helmet-attachments-clarification-for-coaches-and-officials/)

Based on a statement issued July 16, 2013 by NOCSAE, helmets with after market attachments may not be worn by KHSAA football competitors. This is not a KHSAA prohibition, but rather the result of information received from NOCSAE. Based on this information, the helmets do not meet the requirements under NFHS playing rules that the helmets be current with NOCSAE certification, and therefore, by playing rule, the helmet with such attachments is not legal per NFHS rule 1-5-3c9.

The full statement from NOCSAE stated – “NOCSAE helmet standards are specific to models which are identical in all aspects, except as to size. The testing required to support the certification is also specific to the model being certified. NOCSAE standards require that any change in configuration, padding, shell geometry, or protective system requires a new model designation with separate certification testing. The addition of after-market items by anyone that changes or alters the protective system by adding or deleting protective padding to the inside or outside of the helmet, or which changes or alters the geometry of the shell or adds mass to the helmet, whether temporary or permanent, voids the certification of compliance with the NOCSAE standard.”

This does NOT imply that any chin strap is not legal, even if a replacement for original equipment, as it is concerned with the shell of the helmet itself. Coaches should be mindful of the fact however that if a strap alters the fit of the helmet from its original fitting, it becomes an illegal helmet  per NFHS rule 1-5-3(9).

Coaches should also note that due to these after-market enhancements voiding any warranty and recertification, they cannot be worn in competition.

Contact your helmet manufacturer with questions.

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