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05/03/17 – Regional Tennis Sportmanship

May 2, 2017 Tennis Blog Updates


As regional play approaches, we would like to remind all schools of behavioral expectations to further emphasize sportsmanship in our Tennis program. High school tennis is an extension of the classroom, and as such, all involved should conduct themselves in a manner that reflects teamwork, respect, responsibility and perspective. That includes coaches, student-athletes and spectators. 

Officials expect good behavior and will quickly penalize misconduct. To achieve this goal, all involved should:

  • Avoid unnecessary noise during play. This includes cell phones, pagers, etc.
  • Stay well away from the fence surrounding the courts so as not to distract any players or hinder any coaches.
  • Do not talk to players from the time they take the court to warm up until the match is over. This includes timeouts and set breaks.
  • Coaches, be sure to allow the Officials or opposing coaches to correct the opposition’s student-athlete rather than yourself.
  • Be positive when cheering during the match. Never demean any player or coach.


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