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05/01/12 – Assistant Coaches

May 1, 2012 Tennis Blog Updates

Now that we are less than a week from the beginning of the post season, let me take this opportunity to remind you that any individual who wishes to “coach” in the post season must be recognized as a Coach by the School they are representing. It is easy for a tournament manager to look up who the Head coach is, they simply have to go to our website and look in the “coach/administrator listings”   or the “Member School Directory”
What causes a problem is verification of the “assistant” coaches. We cannot waive the KHSAA Bylaw 27 requirement regarding the qualifications for high school coaches (i.e. Coaching Education Course requirement, Medical Symposium requirement, 64 College Credit Hours requirement, First Aid/CPR requirements, and others in Bylaw 27). If you are bringing “Assistant” coaches with you to the State Championships, and wish to have coaching credentials issued to them, you must submit a TN109 Form to this office by May 14, 2012. You can have your Athletic Director email the form or fax it to my attention. If I do not receive a TN109 from your school, you will only be issued one Coaching pass for the Head Coach on record. I would also take a copy to the regional tournament just in case there is a question about whether they are an official Coach of the school.
As I have mentioned before, many questions that you or your fans may have about the State Championships can be answered by visiting our Tennis web page:

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