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05/09/12 – State Instructions

May 9, 2012 Tennis Blog Updates

PrintI know that you are busy making plans for your teams trip to the State Championships here in Lexington. I want to remind you to take a close look at the State Tournament Instructions that can be found on our Tennis page. In there you will find several things that must be done prior to the beginning of the Championships. One example of an action item for you to take care of prior to coming to Lexington is getting your Coaching credentials. I have cut and pasted that section for your attention:  Who Can Coach? In prior years a decision was made to allow enough coaches to be on site for each participant/team that is involved.  For instance, if a school has one girls’ participant in singles competing at Shillito and one girls’ doubles team participating at Shillito, we will allow two coaches passes  for that team.  If, for example, a school has two girls’ singles players participating and two doubles teams participating, we will allow four coach’s passes.  This will help avoid players not having a coach present should the school’s participants be playing at the same time.  We cannot waive the KHSAA Bylaw 27 requirement (i.e. Coaching Education Course requirement, Medical Symposium requirement, 64 College Credit Hours requirement, First Aid/CPR requirements, and others in Bylaw 27) regarding the qualifications for high school coaches.  For example, if two additional coach’s passes are requested, two separate forms must be turned in.   Again, each additional coach’s pass request must have a separate form.  For the State Tournament, these requests ( KHSAA Form TN109) for additional coach’s pass should be presented at the Seed Meeting on May 14, 2012, or scanned and emailed to the Commission ( by that date.  More than one coach coaching at the same time during the same match is prohibited.  Individuals who do not qualify as a coach under KHSAA Bylaw 27 will not be issued a coaching pass.  Schools found to be issuing coaching passes to unqualified personnel will result in the loss of all coaching passes, except for one head coach, and may result in the disqualification of student participant(s). Here is a link to the Tennis page Please make yourself familiar with the information found on this site, many questions can be answered by first looking there but don’t hesitate to contact me. Good luck and see you next week! Print

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