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2012 Playing Season and Finals Stats/Results

October 10, 2012 Football Tournament Results

Football 2012 Regular Season/Playoff Information

Football 2012 Playoff Results (all rounds)

Rosters/Stats/PlaybyPlay/Radio/Webcast/Photos-Class 1A Final-Mayfield 55 Fairview 8

Rosters/Stats/PlaybyPlay/Radio/Webcast/Photos-Class 2A Final-Newport Central Catholic 30 Caldwell County 26

Rosters/Stats/PlaybyPlay/Radio/Webcast/Photos-Class 3A Final-Central 12 Belfry 6

Rosters/Stats/PlaybyPlay/Radio/Webcast/Photos-Class 4A Final-Highlands 47 Collins 0

Rosters/Stats/PlaybyPlay/Radio/Webcast/Photos-Class 5A Final-Bowling Green 34 Cooper 20

Rosters/Stats/PlaybyPlay/Radio/Webcast/Photos-Class 6A Final-Trinity (Louisville) 61 Pleasure Ridge Park 7