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01/26/16 – Reminder About Moratorium on Signing 2017 Football Contracts (and beyond)

January 26, 2016 Football Blog Updates


For some reason, we have received several reports of schools prematurely scheduling contests for 2017 and beyond in football. Please remember that until the alignment for 2017 is finalized, no contract may be signed. As has been the case for many years, the four year alignment has a two-year adjustment based on significant changes in enrollment.

Because of the ripple effect of any change in alignment, no school may sign a contract for 2017 until the Board of Control has finalized the 2017 adjustments. That is an agenda item this coming Thursday at the regular meeting of the Board of Control, and within three days afterwards, schools will be advised of the option to begin signing contracts. If any adjustments are finalized Thursday, the clearance will be given from the office. Otherwise, if there are any decisions deferred, it will be at least the March meeting of the Board before contracts can be signed.

Consider this as an official moratorium on signing any contracts until all changes are finalized.

There will be plenty of time for finalizing contracts and agreements once these decisions are finalized. It is also worth reminding all schools that contracts may only be signed by the Principal or Designated Representative of the school (per Bylaw 1). Coaches may not sign contracts unless they are the official Designated Representative for the school as listed on the KHSAA website directory listing.

Thanks again for your passion on behalf of Kentucky high school students and the sport of football.


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